BSDM (Bihar Skill Development Mission)

BSDM (Bihar Skill Development Mission)

Welcome to the Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM), a pioneering initiative by the Government of Bihar to empower the youth with skills that drive personal and economic growth. BSDM is committed to bridging the gap between education and employability, fostering entrepreneurship, and contributing to the overall socio-economic development of the state.

Our Mission

At BSDM, our mission is to facilitate the acquisition of skills that are relevant to the rapidly evolving job market. We strive to empower individuals with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in diverse sectors, ranging from Information Technology to Agriculture.

Key Objectives

1. Skill Enhancement

BSDM is dedicated to providing quality skill enhancement programs to help individuals acquire industry-relevant skills. We believe that empowering our youth with practical knowledge enhances their employability and contributes to the growth of Bihar’s economy.

2. Vocational Training

Our vocational training programs are designed to meet the specific demands of various industries. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, we offer courses that align with the evolving needs of the job market, ensuring that participants are well-prepared for professional success.

3. Entrepreneurship Development

BSDM is committed to fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing the spirit of innovation. We provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, resources, and mentorship to turn their business ideas into reality.

Programs Offered

Discover a range of skill development programs at BSDM tailored to meet the diverse needs of the youth in Bihar:

  • IT and Software Development
  • Healthcare Services
  • Agriculture and Allied Sectors
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Manufacturing and Construction
  • Financial Services
  • Electronics
  • Retails

How To Get Involved

Are you ready to embark on a journey of skill development and personal growth? Explore the programs offered by BSDM and take the first step towards a brighter future. Whether you are a student, job seeker, or aspiring entrepreneur, BSDM has something for everyone.

  1. Explore Programs: Browse through our diverse range of skill development programs to find the one that aligns with your interests and career goals.
  2. Enrollment: Register for the program of your choice through our easy and accessible enrollment process.
  3. Training and Development: Engage in hands-on training and development sessions led by industry experts, designed to enhance your skills and knowledge.
  4. Placement Assistance: Benefit from our extensive network of industry connections and receive assistance in securing employment opportunities post-training.

Contact Us

Have questions or need more information about BSDM? We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out to us through our contact page, and our dedicated team will assist you.

Join BSDM and embark on a journey towards a brighter, more skillful future!