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60 Days
Crash Course on Cruise Industry

The Cruise Ship Hospitality and Guest Services Training course is designed to provide cruise ship employees with the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to deliver exceptional service to guests on board. This comprehensive training program covers a wide range of topics, from customer service principles to emergency procedures, ensuring that participants are well-prepared to create memorable experiences for passengers while maintaining safety and efficiency.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Cruise Industry:

    • Overview of the cruise industry's history and growth

    • Understanding different types of cruise ships and their amenities

    • Importance of customer satisfaction in the cruise business

  2. Customer Service Excellence:

    • Principles of exceptional customer service

    • Effective communication and active listening skills

    • Dealing with challenging situations and customer complaints

  3. Onboard Etiquette and Cultural Sensitivity:

    • Cultural diversity and its impact on guest interactions

    • Proper etiquette in various settings on the cruise ship

    • Language and cultural considerations when communicating with passengers

  4. Safety and Emergency Procedures:

    • Introduction to SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations

    • Evacuation procedures and emergency drills

    • First aid basics and medical emergency protocols

  5. Guest Accommodation and Services:

    • Cabin preparation and maintenance standards

    • Personalized services, special requests, and amenities

    • Assisting guests with disabilities and special needs

  6. Food and Beverage Services:

    • Restaurant etiquette and table service

    • Menu knowledge and dietary restrictions awareness

    • Hygiene and sanitation in food handling

  7. Entertainment and Activities:

    • Coordinating onboard activities and events

    • Engaging guests in entertainment options

    • Providing information about shore excursions and ports of call

  8. Teamwork and Conflict Resolution:

    • Collaboration within different departments on the ship

    • Resolving conflicts and maintaining a harmonious work environment

    • Time management and prioritization skills

  9. Professional Development:

    • Career growth opportunities within the cruise industry

    • Building a strong work ethic and personal brand

    • Continued learning and staying updated with industry trends

* Fee is 3,00,000+gst

*(Three Lakhs + gst)