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Oracle Course  Content

Welcome to our Oracle course in Vizag. This comprehensive course is designed to empower you with in-depth knowledge of Oracle, a renowned relational database management system. Oracle stands as a stalwart in the database industry, known for its reliability, scalability, and comprehensive feature set. Tailored to meet the demands of contemporary applications, Oracle transcends traditional relational database constraints. Throughout the Oracle Course in Vizag, we will explore the fundamental concepts of relational databases, the SQL query language, and the robust architecture of Oracle. You'll engage in hands-on exercises, gaining proficiency in leveraging Oracle for efficient data management and retrieval. By the end of the course, you'll be well-equipped to develop robust, scalable, and high-performance applications using Oracle technology.

The Significance of Oracle Training in Vizag

Navigating the dynamic landscape of contemporary databases requires mastery of Oracle, a robust relational database management system. Renowned for its reliability and scalability across diverse data types, Oracle is an essential skill for developers in today's developing tech environment. Our Oracle training in Vizag is key to unlocking the full potential of this sophisticated database technology.

From its intricate architecture to the prowess of its SQL capabilities, Oracle stands at the forefront of data management. Our training program is not just an educational experience; it's a transformative journey into the world of creating robust, scalable, and high-performance applications. Whether you're entering the database realm for the first time or aiming to enhance your expertise, our Oracle course in Vizag is your gateway to becoming a proficient and in-demand database professional.

Oracle Certification Course Modules In Vizag

Start your comprehensive journey with our Oracle certification course in Vizag, designed to provide a profound exploration of the core elements of this powerful relational database management system. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts, including relational databases, SQL query language, and the robust architecture of Oracle. Through hands-on experience, participants will leverage Oracle's advanced features, including data modelling, indexing, and replication. Our course modules provide a detailed breakdown of the learning journey through meticulous crafting. Delve into the intricacies of Oracle's architecture, explore the nuances of SQL queries, and master the art of efficient data management and retrieval. Join us in this Oracle certification course in Vizag to develop the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of Oracle and emerge as a proficient and sought-after database professional.

Module 1: Introduction

    Overview of Oracle Database 12c

  • Features and enhancements
  • Oracle Cloud Integration

    Theoretical and Physical Aspects of Relational Database

  • Concepts of relational databases
  • Oracle Server's implementation of RDBMS and ORDBMS

Module 2: Basic Database Concepts and SQL

    History of Database Concepts


    Advantages of Oracle Database and Version Information
    Interface Tools Usage

  • SQL Plus, ISQL Plus, SQL Developer, and Toad

    SQL Language Overview

  • DQL, DML, DDL, DCL, and TCL

    SQL Commands and Operators

  • Arithmetic and Concatenation Operators
  • Handling Null Values

    Single-Row Functions

  • Character, Number, Date, and General Functions
  • Case Expressions, Decode, and Nested Functions


  • Types of Joins: EQUI JOIN, OUTER JOIN, INNER JOIN, etc.
  • Oracle Standard Outer Joins

    Multi-Row Functions

  • Group Functions: SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT, AVG
  • GROUP BY and HAVING Clauses


  • Single-Row and Multi-Row Subqueries
  • Reporting Data Using Interface Commands

    DML & TCL


Module 3: Data Definition Language (DDL) and Views

    DDL Commands



  • Simple and Complex Views
  • Rules for Performing DML Operations on a View
  • Materialized Views

    Other Database Objects

  • Sequence, Index, and Synonyms

Module 4: DCL Commands and Dictionary Tables

    DCL Commands

  • Creating Users, Granting/Revoking Privileges, and Roles

    Dictionary Tables

  • Overview of Oracle dictionary tables

Module 5: Advanced SQL Concepts

    SET Operators


    Advanced Date-time Functions


    Advanced GROUP BY Clause


    Advanced Sub-queries

  • Pair-wise and Non-pair-wise Comparison Sub-queries
  • Correlated Sub queries, EXISTS, NOT EXISTS
  • Hierarchical Retrieval


  • SQLLDR Loading CSV/Flat Files into Oracle Table

    Analytic Functions

  • Query_by partition_clause, order_by_clause
  • Pseudo columns: Rownum, Rowid

Module 6: Backup, Export/Import, and Migration


  • Overview and importance
  • Export/Import Schema


  • Estimating, Planning, and Preparation
  • Simple and Complex Scenarios

Why Choose Oracle Certification Course In Vizag

Industry Recognition

Obtaining an Oracle certification in Vizag is a powerful testament to your expertise in handling Oracle databases, a highly respected skill in the realm of relational database management. Certification serves as a mark of industry recognition, positioning you as a proficient Oracle professional capable of managing complex data scenarios. This certification enhances your credibility and validates your proficiency in database administration.

Career Opportunities

Completing the Oracle certification course in Vizag significantly broadens your career prospects in the field of database management and administration. Oracle databases are extensively used across various industries, creating a strong demand for certified professionals. Whether you're aspiring to become a database administrator, developer, or data engineer, an Oracle certification distinguishes you in the competitive job market.

Stay Competitive

The field of database management is continually evolving, and Oracle remains a frontrunner in traditional relational database technologies. Attaining an Oracle certification not only demonstrates your current skill set but also signifies your commitment to staying competitive in the ever-changing tech landscape. It reflects your dedication to staying abreast of the latest advancements in relational database technology.

Practical Skills Development

An Oracle certification course in Vizag ensures an immersive hands-on experience with Oracle databases, enabling you to refine practical skills in areas such as data modelling, query optimization, and system administration. Engage in real-world projects and case studies to gain valuable insights, becoming adept at addressing practical challenges encountered in Oracle deployments.

Benefits Of Learning Oracle In Vizag

Reliable Data Management

Oracle, a leading relational database system, offers strong and reliable data management capabilities. Learning Oracle in Vizag equips you with skills for efficient handling of structured data, making it suitable for various applications, from business systems to data warehousing.

SQL Mastery

Oracle's foundation lies in SQL, a powerful and standardized query language. Learning Oracle in Vizag involves mastering SQL, enabling you to efficiently retrieve, manipulate, and manage data. SQL proficiency is a valuable asset for developers and database administrators.

Data Security and Integrity

Oracle is renowned for robust security features and data integrity measures. Learning Oracle in Vizag provides insights into implementing security protocols, and ensuring data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Advanced Analytics

Oracle offers advanced analytics capabilities through tools the Oracle Analytics Cloud. Learning Oracle in Vizag allows you to harness these features, deriving meaningful insights from data for comprehensive reporting.