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45 Days
Revit Course Contents

Introduction to Revit

  • What is BIM Software’s
  • Advantages of Revit
  • How to Download & Install Revit
  • Template & Initial Settings
  • Unite Setup
  • Viewport Customization

All about Levels

o Create Levels o Modify Levels

All about Walls

  • Creating Walls
  • Location Line Wall
  • Different Shapes of Walls
  • Edit Wall
  • Changing Wall Profile
  • Changing Wall Thickness
  • Quick properties and Cost of Wall


  • Fitting Doors
  • Modifying and Loading Doors


  • Fitting Windows
  • Modifying and Loading Windows

Creating Own Template 

Creating Curtain Walls

  • Create and Delete curtain Wall Ø Fitting a Door in a Curtain Wall
  • Fitting a Curtain Wall in Brick Wall

Adding Furniture and Components

Modify Panel

  • Align Tool
  • Offset Tool
  • Mirror Tool
  • Move Tool
  • Copy Tool
  • Rotate Tool
  • Split and Split Gap
  • Trim Extend and single and Multiple Element
  • Scale Tool
  • Pin and Unpin and Delete

Room and Area

  • Adding Room
  • Room separator Tag
  • Room Area and Numbering
  • Area Plan              


  • Align and Linear Dimensions
  • Remaining options in Dimensions


  • Detail Line
  • Filled Region Tool
  • Other Detailing options
  • All about Text
  • Tag and Tag all
  • Stairs Tread Riser Numbering
  • Colour Fill Legends

All about Floor

  • Creating Floor Boundary
  • Editing Floor Thickness and Materials
  • Adding different floor for Rooms
  • Creating First floor Slab and  opening 

Selection Methods


Making a Complete floor Plan

  • Creating Walls
  • Doors and Openings
  • Windows and Curtain Walls
  • Rooms and Text
  • Changing Tags
  • Adding Floor and Plith
  • Completing Floor Planning

Hide and Show & Isolate

All about Roof

  • Flat Roof
  • Sloped Roof
  • Edit Roof and Gables 
  • Roof Materials and Glass Roofs
  • Common Roof Types
  • Entry Dormer
  • Dormer Type

Visibility Graphics

All Types of Stairs



Grid Planning

Export to Different Formats

  • PDF, JPG and DWG


Multistory Buildings

Staircases & Headroom

Site with Topo Surface

Introduction to Revit Structures

Complete Revit Bungalow Project with Rendering Advance coloring & Rendering

Schedule, Quantity & Costing

  • Window Schedule
  • Filter Options
  • Sorting and Grouping
  • Grand Totals
  • Door Scheduling & Costing
  • Room Schedule
  • Wall Schedule & Costing

Model in Place

  • Introducing to Model in Place Ø Extrusion Option
  • Making Design with Extrusion
  • Blend Option
  • Revolve Option
  • Sweep Option
  • Sweep and Blend

Creating 3D Views

  • Creating Multiple 3D Views
  • Creating Camera View
  • Create 3D Interior View

Adding Reinforcement

  • Creating Column Reinforcement
  • Footing Reinforcement
  • Beam reinforcement
  • Reinforcement Schedules