60 Days



Introduction to UNIX & LINUX

  • History of UNIX and LINUX
  • Differences between CentOS, Red Hat
  • Enterprise Linux & Fedora
  •  FHS and Linux InstallationFiles and Directories Management
  •  Creating files using cat and touch commands
  • Creating directories using mkdir command
  • Modifying file content using vi / vim  editors

User and Group Administration

  • Creating and deleting users from the  systems
  • Creating and deleting groups Basic File Permissions
  • Verifying file permissions of existing objects
  • Modifying files permissions using chmod command

Disk Partitioning and Mounting File System

  •  Creating partition using fdisk command
  •  Formatting the partitions
  • Mounting the partitions

Data Backup and Recovery

  • Taking data backup using tar command
  • Software Package Administration
  •  Installing and deleting software packages using RPM & YUM
  • Querying and updating software packages

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

  • Configuring Linux as DHCP Server
  • Configuring various clients for DHCP

Server (Windows & Linux) FTP Server (vsftpd daemon)

  • Basics of File Transfer Protocol
  •  Configuring FTP protocol to download and upload the files

DNS Server

  • Configuration of DNS server
  • Configuration of forward lookup zone
  • Configuration of reverse lookup zone
  • Testing tool of DNS zones

Web Server (Apache)

  • Basics of Web Service
  • Introduction to Apache
  •  Configuring Apache to host website

Network File System (NFS)

  • Configuring NFS file sharing server
  • Mounting NFS shared