Tally Prime Advanced With GST

Tally Prime Advanced With GST

Why Choose Our Advanced Tally  Prime Training?

Opting for our Advanced Tally Prime Training is a strategic decision for individuals looking to elevate their proficiency in accounting and financial management to new heights. Our program is thoughtfully designed to offer in-depth training on the advanced features and capabilities of Tally Prime, one of the leading accounting software solutions. Led by experienced instructors with a deep understanding of accounting practices, our training provides a hands-on and practical learning experience. Our program equips you with the advanced knowledge and skills necessary for effective financial management and reporting using Tally Prime. Stay ahead in the realm of financial accounting with our comprehensive Advanced Tally Prime Training.

Course Outline

Module 1 – Tally Prime Advanced With GST

Module 2 – Opening Balances

Module 3 – Service Tax

Module 4: TDS Tax Deduction At Source

Module 5 – Tax Collection At Source: TCS

Module 6 – Point Of Sales (POS)

Module 7 – Manufacturing Procedure

Module 8 – Autofill Payroll

Module 9 – Adjustments Journals

Module 10 – Practices

Module 11 – EXP & REC Voucher Entry

Module 12 – Our Bills

Module 13 – Sales INV

Module 14 – Reports