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60 Days
Web Developer Course

 HTML Essentials: Building Blocks of Web Development

Course Description: Welcome to the world of web development with our HTML Essentials course. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the foundation of every web page, making it an essential language to learn for anyone interested in creating websites, web applications, or online content. Whether you're an aspiring web developer, a designer, or a complete beginner, this course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills to create web pages and understand the core language of the internet.

Course Highlights:

  1. Introduction to HTML: Begin with a comprehensive introduction to HTML, understanding its role in web development and content creation.

  2. Setting Up Your Development Environment: Learn how to set up a basic development environment, including text editors and web browsers.

  3. HTML Structure: Dive into the structure of HTML documents, including elements, tags, and document organization.

  4. Text and Headings: Master the art of formatting text, creating headings, and understanding semantic markup.

  5. Paragraphs and Line Breaks: Learn to structure content using paragraphs and line breaks for readability.

  6. Lists and Links: Explore the creation of ordered and unordered lists, as well as hyperlinks to connect web pages.

  7. Images and Multimedia: Understand how to embed images and multimedia elements into web pages.

  8. Forms and Input Fields: Dive into the creation of interactive forms and input fields for user data collection.

  9. Tables: Learn how to create tables to organize data and display it in a structured manner.

  10. HTML5 Elements: Explore the latest HTML5 elements, such as headers, footers, and sections, for modern web development.

  11. Semantic HTML: Understand the importance of semantic HTML and how it impacts accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO).

  12. HTML Validation: Learn how to validate your HTML code and ensure it complies with web standards.

  13. Real-World Projects: Apply your knowledge by working on practical projects, from creating a personal webpage to designing content for the web.

  14. Certification: Receive a certificate of completion, validating your expertise in HTML essentials.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Aspiring web developers and programmers

  • Designers and content creators

  • Students and individuals interested in web development

  • Anyone looking to create and understand web content

Master the essential language of the internet. Enroll in our HTML Essentials course to create web pages, understand the core principles of web development, and embark on your journey in the digital world.

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Course Content :


  • Basics

  • Html

  • Head

  • Body

  • Elements

  • Attributes

  • Headings

  • Paragraphs

  • Comments

  • Colours

  • Links

  • Images

  • Tables

  • Html list

  • Classes

  • Id

  • Iframe

  • File Paths

  • Layout

  • Forms

  • Graphics

  • Canvas

  • Media

  • Video

  • Audio

  • Web page

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